Production Process

Our manufacturing processes are aligned with the production of powdery products. We are able to process on our drying equipments raw materials of various origins. Besides to roller drying, which is mainly used for refinement of milk proteins to caseinates, we are also equipped with 2 spray towers.
Prior to spray drying, raw materials can be specially processed, like enzymatic hydrolysis of lactose, for each of our customers’ requirements. The manufactured products are then further processed and blended with other ingredients and packaged according to our clients needs.

Product Groups

  • Dairy Ingredients

    Using modern equipment, we produce high-quality whey protein concentrates (WPC) and caseinates, which are used in the food processing industry.
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  • System Compounds

    With our milk, whey and vegetable proteins based assortment, we are dedicated to developing innovative food products as well as the production of valuable food additives.
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  • RovitaMeat

    With our innovative technology and our know- how in the development of additives for the processed meat and sausage industry, we are the specialist.
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  • Toll Manufacturing

    Our customers benefit from our expertise in process development and production, which represents an advantage in the development and production of new products.
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