Dairy Ingredients

Using modern equipment, we produce high-quality whey protein concentrates (WPC) and caseinates, which are used in the food processing industry.

Our Prolactal and Rovita production sites offer an extended, wide range of milk and whey powder and milk and whey derivatives produced using new technologies.
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Whey Protein Concentrate / WPC (RoviProt) Powder 35-80%
Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), available with a protein content of 35-80%, is made from ultra filtered whey using a product gentle spray drying process. Since it has a particularly high level of functionality, it can be successfully used in many food applications. WPC is also available in a heat-stable quality.
Sodium Caseinate (Rovita FN 5 S, LL, HV)
Sodium caseinate is an easily digestible, roller-dried, pure milk protein. Due to the molecular structure of the sodium caseinate, the functionality of the proteins is supported and improved.
Calcium Caseinate (Plasvita)
Plasvita is an easily digestible, roller-dried, pure calcium caseinate. Due to its high biological value and low sodium content, Plasvita is ideal for protein enrichment in many areas of food processing.
Potassium Caseinate (Rowi K)
ROWI K is an easily digestible, roller-dried, pure potassium caseinate. Due to its technological properties, ROWI K makes a perfect oenological excipient for the clarification and fining of wine and fruit juices.
Acid Casein
Acid casein is produced by using a gentle spray drying process of casein, which is obtained directly from the acidified, pasteurized skim milk.

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