With our innovative technology and our know- how in the development of additives for the processed meat and sausage industry, we are the specialist for the consistency, flavor and curing of individual quality products.
The products of the RoviLac line are specially designed brine additives for cooked and cured products such as cooked ham, smoked meat and toast ham.
The products of the RoviComplet line are ripening agents used for the manufacture of sliceable / spreadable raw sausage using traditional starter cultures.
Spice compositions based on milk and / or vegetable proteins to refine the taste of all meat and sausage products.
Stabilizing active ingredient combinations based on an enriched milk protein for the production of meat preparations, for example ground meat dishes, cooked ham
We offer a line of cutter additives for cooked sausages, which are optionally available as phosphate or citrate as well as with or without color development components.

Our sales team would be happy to discuss additional customized products with you!