System Compounds

With our milk, whey and vegetable proteins based assortment, we are dedicated to developing innovative food products as well as the production of valuable food additives. Our system compounds serve the products in the areas of stabilizing, protein enrichment, freshness and savory seasoning.
Rovitaris (ve/ge/tar/ian)
Multifunctional compound system on a modular basis to produce high quality vegetarian food, meat substitutes (hot / cold), cheese substitutes, sport and children’s bars, breakfast, pastry and bakery products, pie filling, shakes, and much more.
Eurovita (power/ful)
Quality natural protein concentrates which are ideally suited for finishing and protein enrichment of modern foods

Available as:
100% vegetable protein
Milk and whey protein combination
Vegetable protein and milk and/or whey protein combination
RoviBase (sta/bil/iz/ing)
Functional compounds for texturing of food and for stabilizing emulsions based on milk and vegetable proteins.
RoviFresh (keep/ing fresh)
Functional compounds for extending the freshness of raw vegetables, fruits and salads. Stabilizes color and inhibits the growth of germs.

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