Produktion mit höchsten Ansprüchen.

Vielfalt für die Zukunft.

Care and responsibility for tomorrow.

Food ingredients for future generations.

The demands and challenges in the fields of nutrition and foodstuffs just keep growing. Rovita always strives to meet the highest quality standards, but also knows that cost effectiveness matters too. Innovations in natural raw materials, product safety, creativity, flavour and consistency will be important factors in tomorrow’s world.

In our Focus Foodlabs ideas workshop, we develop solutions for food and pet food and they, in turn, lead to new openings in all food sectors: from bakery products to meat, delicatessen, dairy and nutritional sports products or animal feed.

Going forward, we at Rovita are working on new food concepts.

Our range.


Your and our success in the future will evolve from creative ideas, innovative prowess and future-oriented developments. With our technology, we can provide optimum support to our customers as we successfully shape tomorrow’s world of food.


Quality is a vital element at Rovita. Our Focus Foodlabs partner takes care of our quality management and is fully involved in every stage of the production process. The experience we have gained is constantly being integrated into other projects – at every development phase, for every customer, for every market. There are no compromises to be made with quality. Because it's all about food.

Contract manufacturing

Rovita offers the entire high-quality range, from liquid and powder mixtures to roller and spray drying. All from a single source. We can meet any particular request, propose creative alternatives and provide expert advice on further developments. We meet the standards and certifications that apply in international markets: VLOG, Bio, Halal, Kosher and FDA.

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Our processes.

Spray drying

Spray drying – a very gentle process required for the production of food powders (e.g. milk powder) and highly-concentrated proteins of animal or vegetable origin.

Roller drying

Roller drying – a liquid/paste is dried on a hot roller. A gentle process: after one rotation, the product is removed and ground into flakes or a fine powder. A brief exposure to a very high temperature ensures optimal sensory and microbial quality.

Liquid production

Our liquid mixing operation – for flavour and stabilisation systems. Perfect for customer requirement.

Our quality and our success stem from our employees.

They are the best. We thrive on a strong sense of unity and we know that the combination of personality, enthusiasm, excellent training and further opportunities will lead to a better future for us all.

Focus Food Technology –
your strong partner for the future.